The Four Season…

The Four Seasons

Eight stars make
A soft solfege

Above this motel
Where there are never

I let a skinny man

Put his long thick dick in me for you
So we could break our hearts

The way you want me to. Somewhere a white
Wall stretches up behind the backs of a tribe

Whose obscurity protects its secret from the common
World and the connivances it ordains.

What time is it. What season is it.
I don’t know.

The moon blows green
Gas into my skull

I want to hide what I dream
In a big boot, and wear the boot

And starve as I lean upon the boot of my destitution
And drag

The truth as a gimp would drag the weight of her body.
That would give me a feeling of honesty.

In recent Shameless Word-Artist meetings, we’ve been discussing the alignment of our poetry “beliefs”: what it is that our group stands for, and is interested in poetically.  We’ve come to the conclusion that feminism is a subject we all feel strongly about.  Some of us have written poems about feminism in a political manner, and some from a personal stance, or on the social level (these things ultimately cross paths at some point).

I’ve been fawning over the female poet, Ariana Reines.  Ariana recently published a chapbook with Spork Press called Thursday.  She has also been published in my FAVORITE ANTHOLOGY EVER, Gurlesque.  Her avant-garde, aggressively feminine way of writing poetry fascinates me.  She is unafraid of being grotesque, blunt – truly shameless about what she writes.  She’s definitely one of my poet role-models.  

The poem Four Seasons was linked from her poems on the Poetry Foundation website.  If you’d like to read more from Ariana Reines, you can search there, or support an amazing artist and buy one of her books!

What are your thoughts and opinions on Ariana’s poetry?


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